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Кач, земља чуда

Kachchh, the World of Wonder

Фолклористика 2/1 (2017): 117‒139
Аутор: Зоја Карановић 
Текст: PDF


Ауторка описује путовање по Гуџарату, савезној држави у западној Индији, где је боравила у децембру 2016. Гуџарат је богат археолошким и историјским споменицима, различитим природним лепотама, а одликује се и развијеном материјалном и духовном културом. Ауторка је посетила неколико села у околини градића Буџ која имају живу занатску традицију. Упознала се с процесом стварања уметничких рукотворина и предмета, какви су штампа на текстилу, ткање, вез, прављење накита и украса, о чему доноси занимљива сведочанства и фотографије. 
Кључне речи: Кач, Гуџарат, Индија, Рабари, занатска традиција, вез, ткање, прављење накита и украса, штампање на текстилу 


In December 2016 I travelled to Gujarat, one of the twenty eight Indian federal states, which lies in the western part of this populous country. Gujarat is the most developed Indian state, but is also abundant with archaeological and historical monuments and diverse natural sites. It has a rich tradition which is evident in its material and spiritual culture. This is what motivated me to undertake this journey. My primary goal was to visit the district of Kachchh (Kutch) – its name means ‘soil that is intermittently wet and dry’: during the rainy season it is submerged in water, and when the rain stops and the water evaporates, it becomes a snowy white plain; this is the famous salt desert of Kachchh.  I spent several unforgettable days in Kachchh in December 2016. I visited the capital of the district, a town called Bhuj, and Khamir, a society that promotes the rich artisan tradition of Kachchh. I also visited several surrounding villages – Dhamadka, Ajrakhpur, Bhujodi, Hodka, Bhrinerdiara and Khavda, where I was given the opportunity to see how their inhabitants live, what they do and how they make their handicrafts and artistic objects. Their products, such as printed and woven textiles and weaving are well known in the rest of India and the world. I have also seen the techniques and methods they employ to produce these artistic objects. They are all presented in this short survey.  
Key words: Kachchh (Kutch), Gujarat, India, Rabari, handicraft tradition, embroidery, weawing, bead-work, jewellery, cloth printing